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Hands of Fate-Epilogue
'Penny for your thoughts, N?'
N looked up and saw Zoroark standing in the doorway, a black bow tie around his neck and his normally wild fur neatly combed out and tamed. Seeing his best friend look so formal made the greenette chuckle lightly. Heck, just seeing his best friend, knowing that he was alive and well, was enough for him to smile. "Have I ever told you," N said as he approached the Illusion Fox Pokémon and petted the top of his head. "How grateful I am to you?"
Zoroark blinked a few times before smiling and rolling his eyes. 'You're not just saying this because of the whole "different lifetime where I was never in your life so you became a jerk" thing, are you?'
"Maybe a little," He admitted, scratching the back of his head in abash.
Zoroark tilted his head to one side, giving N a curious look. 'By the way, how's it going with remembering that life?'
A frown replacing his smile, a sigh breathed through N's lips. "It's no good. Try as I might, it seems that all
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:iconsayaka-fc: :iconkyoko-x-sayaka-fc: :iconfili-kili: :iconmarvel-theavengers:


  • Playing: Dragon Age II
  • Eating: self-made bread
.....Oops. Maybe I should be a bit more active here? I'll try, but hear me out first.

¤ Unlike the last journal said I actually got into a school. Give me less than two years and I'll graduate from there. For now I'm at school five days a week and the weekends at work. So my social life, as well as my time in dA will shorten, as you might have seen.

¤ COOSPLAAY. As you might have seen, I've uploaded some pictures recently. I've yet to upload Kili and Sayaka pictures, and I'm not sure but I might upload some Aya and Widow pics sometime when I'm not too busy. And if there's any good among them, I haven't gone through them properly...

¤ Forbidden Sector is in a complete stand-still. I haven't touched the file since July. It's killing me, and I don't want to force the text forward. I've worked on a couple of other projects, which might see daylight in my Tumblr.

TLDR; lack of time and inspiration, tired and stressed as hell, don't expect me to be too active here but you'll find me from Tumblr kthxbye


Words wounds stamp Strong Female Characters Stamp I Kill My Characters My Memory Sucks And Then Buffy Staked Edward Final Fantasy XIII Stamp Why I boycotted fandoms. x stamp Fav and RUN - stamp Words wounds stamp

- Ritu, Suicca, Trix, Trixita and Vegsu are the most common names I go by.

- I've been to England, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgary and Japan, and I'd like to visit the USA and Australia.

- I can be really energetic, positive and funny, but on the other hand I can be really negative, snappy and short-tempered. And trust me, you don't want to see the latter side of me.

- As a Finn, my English is not perfect. Please forgive me for any inconveniences that may occur.

- Some of my most important an notable RP characters:
. Kretari
. Tarquin
. Niya
. Nimveril
. Warger
. Reznor

-Humans / vampires-
, Trixita Deireanach
, Kre
, Trixita Cahaya-Kegelapan
, Faith Cedrone
, Inizo Andreakos
, Theta

. Cidra
. Saber

If you fave something, I will leave you a "Thank you" message and give you a llama. ;D



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My metal illness are unbareble now, I don't know what to do, mostly when you have parents who doens't give any support, but think that what they do are great. I already talk with them about that, but my mental illness is treated like a Taboo in my house, so for me I'm somekind of ilegal person, who's just be living here for pity, and cause I couldn't effort a new place to live. I may have to wait if I want to move again, for now I'll live with my parents. It's all for now, thanks for the support...
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